Depth 37,5 cm

Model 120S

Model 120S has one wide room. The room can be fitted after your need and amongst other items this model can store a sound bar.

About clic model 120s
The room can be open or fitted with one wide door. The open model and the model fitted with a door is fitted with 2 removable backplates. Model 120S has, like the other clic models with 2 rooms, 2 middle bars. The bars in model 120S are pulled back into the furniture. This makes it possible to store a sound bar. Model 120S has one cable hole center in the back of the top plate. For an additional cost, you can order the furniture with 2 cable holes in the top plate.

Outer measurements
H: 205 mm W: 1024 mm D: 375 mm
*measurements when using model 120S as a sound bar solution

Inner measurements pr. open room
H: 162 mm W: 482 mm B: 980 mm*
D: 314 mm D: 213 mm*
Without back plate D: 363 mm

Inner measurements pr. room with door
H: 162 mm W: 482 mm B: 980 mm*
D: 298 mm D: 197 mm*
Without back plate D: 347 mm