Depth 37,5 cm

Model Desktop

Model Desktop is a combined furniture/work station.

About clic model desktop
clic Desktop has the same functions as the other clic models. Desktop has one desk flap that opens downwards. When the flap is down the top of the flap is aligned with the furniture. Desktop is fitted with two shelves and two backpanels behind the flap. The idea with the Desktop model is to use it alone or to integrate it with other clic models. When the flap is closed, model Desktop looks just like any other clic model.

Outer measurements
H: 366 mm W: 1024 mm D: 375 mm

Inner measurements pr. open room
H: 306 mm W: 482 mm D: 314  mm
Without back plate D: 363 mm

Inner measurements pr. room with door
H: 306 mm W: 482 mm D: 298 mm
Without back plate D: 347 mm