Depth 55 cm

Model 222

Model 222 has one wide room. The room can be fitted after your need.

About clic model 222
The room can be open or fitted with one wide door that opens downwards. An open room or a room with a door is fitted with one shelf and one removable back plate. Model 222 has one cable hole center in the back of the top plate. For an additional cost, you can order the furniture with 2 cable holes in the top plate.

Outer measurements
H: 366 mm W: 1024 mm D: 550 mm

Inner measurements open model
H: 324 mm W: 980 mm D: 489 mm
Without back plate D: 538 mm

Inner measurements model with door
H: 324 mm W: 980 mm D: 473 mm
Without back plate D: 522 mm